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Bugs, issues, and other specific feedback or discussions from this round of tests can be found throughout the repository in issues. Listed below, they are

Questions for future tests¤

Based on each session and the conversations we had with the development team, we’ve come up with a list of questions we’d like to explore further.

  • What is the most expected or desirable cell navigation experience? Could there be more than one? What are the different possibilities and how could we best compare them?
  • Should keyboard shortcuts be a part of the rendered notebook experience? Or should we make better use of the browser defaults?
  • How might we increase the discoverability of varied navigation methods in the notebook?
  • What are the limits on cell output types and/or content in notebooks converted to HTML? How does the default accessibility on each type stack up?

What we would do differently next time¤

Reflecting on these sessions as hosts, for future tests we would like to * Explore a standard notebook with the STScI computer science channels to further discuss ideas for landmarks or other structural options in notebooks. * Experiment with asynchronous test sessions for shorter tasks. This might enable an increased number of and more iterative A/B testing in the long term.