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Possible test notebooksยค

A list of existing notebooks that could be used during our rounds of user tests. They may also provide inspiration to custom test notebooks we may make.

Notebook or collection name Test candidate? Used in test? (date)
JupyterLab examples test.ipynb
nbconvert examples
Lorenz notebook Yes
JupyterLab benchmarks test noteboks
Cosmic Origins Spectograph notebooks
STScI notebook style guide template Yes (Test 1, August 2022)
STScI notebook style guide Yes
STScI JDAT notebooks (Rendered here)
STScI JWebbinar notebooks Maybe (needs content review)

The following are axes we considered choosing notebooks based on. If they end up being a deciding factor we take note of, then they will be added to the above table.

  • length (in cells)
  • has MD cells
  • has code cells
  • has text-only outputs
  • has non-text outputs
  • notes about outputs
  • uses STScI data
  • follows STScI notebook guidelines
  • renders successfully (in viewer tool)
  • Test hosts can explain it